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Biography / Artistic approach

Johanne Lepage - Artist painter and fluid art instructor

Biography :

Johanne Lepage, is a self-taught painter of intuitive abstract art, living in Bromont, Quebec, Canada.

Born in Montreal, she has been fond of crafts of all kinds since her early childhood. In her youth, painting, embossed leather, enamels on copper, ceramics, knitting, crocheting, and more, occupied her free time.

As an adult, Johanne continues to live on the south shore of Montreal, and has now lived in the Eastern Townships for over 20 years (Lac Brome, Orford and now Bromont).

Having always wanted to work in the visual arts, Johanne took her first steps in 1992. She followed several training courses, workshops, seminars and especially made a multitude of experiences over the years.

After having experimented with several mediums, including oil, pastel, charcoal, painting on silk, watercolor and acrylic...

A few years ago, her artistic path led her to create with fluid acrylics, it was love at first sight, as if a symbiosis had taken place within her, a true passion... Since then, she has not stopped creating with this medium.


My Artistic approach :

Blue, synonymous with escape, represents my state of mind when I paint. To escape into an imaginary world to create works of art with colors that are sometimes soft, sometimes bright, in which without exception we find blue blue!

Blue, the color of the water and the sea, reminds me of snorkeling and diving with fish and coral. I draw my inspiration from these aquatic and underwater wonders.

Blue also means good luck for some people, so it is with this philosophy that I create each of my works, they become real lucky charms.  

Inspired by water, the sea and corals, my work is spontaneous, the composition and forms are born from the fusion of colors according to the superposition between them, the location where they are, as well as the displacement obtained by the effect of the wind or the manual movement given on them. 

This intuitive art, allows the viewer to enter a versatile and unique universe where its interpretation provides a range of emotions and sensations. The interpretation often differs from one person to another and according to the side where the work is exposed.  A single creation therefore provides several paintings!

I wish to continue to refine my technique with fluid acrylic, in order to always improve my version of the sea, the seabed and the waves, to continue to offer good luck charms in the colors of my imaginary world.

An imaginary world of colors at my fingertips ...

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