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Wine emulsion
Coral sea
Open Heart
Poseidon - the god of the seas
Autumn clouds
Tropical cyclone
Between two moments (Dyptic)
The exploded breeze Fusion
Remous terrestre
Glaciers in distress
The ice floe
Venetian Masquerade
Glow of the sea
Parcels of hope
Old Time Quartet #1
Old Time Duo No. 3
Sweet flight
The ice lily
Light and shadow
French cancan
The raging waters
Blue Flame
Explosion of joy
In the colors of L'Amadou
Sapphire and emerald
Low tide
Power and prestige
Sand whirlpool
Celestial dream
Shooting star
Oceanic surf
North wind
Summer sweetness
Horses on the run
Birth of the universe
Oyster shell and its pearls
Birth of a bud
Rocky abyss
Unknown at the masked ball
Majestic flight
Lunar sky
Duo d'antan No.1